3DS Slide Pad add-on to be called Circle Pad Pro in US?

In the couple months or so we’ve gone through so many emotions over the 3DS’s upcoming second analogue pad attachment. We doubted that it could actually exist, we were afraid it meant the end of the current system, we were angry Nintendo handled the announcement so poorly and once we got our hands on it at Tokyo Game Show we gave it begrudging acceptance. But Nintendo has still left many consumers in the dark over when it will be released outside of Japan, though a recent trademark filing implies it at least has an official English title: Circle Pad Pro.

Accord to Siliconera a recent trademark document suggests the English name will be Circle Pad Pro. In the same Japanese filing for the attachment, it’s clearly written out in English as “Circle Pad Pro.” And though Nintendo has been silent on any US release date, apparently at New York Comic Con a couple weeks back a Capcom rep suggested that the add-on would be out in time for the early February western release of Resident Evil Revelations. Revelations is just one of several announced games that can use the extra slide pad, along with Metal Gear Solid 3D and Kingdom Hearts 3D.

Though it’s quite possible Nintendo of America is staying quiet on the Circle Pad to focus on its holiday games, if it’s coming out as early as the rumors suggest, the publisher really needs to pick up the pace with this add-on.

Oct 25, 2011

Source: Siliconera

Henry Gilbert

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