360 to find Lost Planet

Monday 24 April 2006
Capcom has released a clutch of shots for its upcoming sci-fi shooter Lost Planet, which will be released early next year for Xbox 360.

Set on a hostile ice planet, Lost Planet follows the story of a young pilot called Wayne (great hero name) as he and a small band of humans try to repel the attention of the monstrous indigenous life forms, as well as an aggressive invading alien army.

The action is presented from a third-person perspective as the humans brave the elements to get hold of the thermal energy they need to survive. Aiding them in their quest is an impressive array of futuristic weaponry and a collection of all-terrain vehicles.

As you can see from the screenshots, Lost Planet is an incredible looking game that uses 'advanced light sourcing' to create the realistic look. There are also incredible weather effects which leave you in no doubt about the ferocity of the elements.

Lost Planet will be Xbox Live enabled with cooperative and competitive play, as well as downloadable content.

From the demos we've seen already, Lost Planet really does look spectacular and, with the creators of Devil May Cry and Onimusha on the development team, we're expecting big things from this frosty shooter.