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Pokemon X/Y leaks and rumors that turned out to be TOTALLY fake

Two new types will make a debut: Light

Many fans thought Xerneas was going to be the first Light legendary, and that several Pokmon would make a switch to Light type, including Milotic and Cresselia. Sylveon was also theorized to be a Light type.

and Sound

It was perfectly reasonable for people to assume Sound would be a second new type to compliment Light. Yveltal would be the Sound legendary, and the Pokmon that would make the switch would include Exploud, Wigglytuff, and Chatot.

What can we believe?

You may be thinking, Can anyone be trusted? Are there not any theories or rumors that actually end up being true? For the most part, no, but despite the sea of outlandish lies and gossip that spreads about a game, every once in a while one theory ends up being true.

For instance, it was said that three extra legendaries--Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa--were going to be revealed as event Pokmon when a hacker allegedly found them deep in X and Ys code. Thats yet to happen, but these legendaries have been all but officially confirmed by Nintendo. Here are three theories that may end up actually being true, but, for your own sake, dont get your hopes up.

Zygarde is getting some new moves

In a rumor that has yet to be confirmed, its said that a few new moves are going to be unveiled for the legendary Pokmon Zygarde. Thousand Waves and Thousand Arrows are two Ground moves that do unique things, like making Pokmon unable to flee from battle or even hit Flying types. A third move, Hold Hands, increases the Pokmons happiness and doesnt deal damage.

New Mega Evolutions are coming

Another unconfirmed rumor is that Latios and Latias will be getting the Mega Evolution treatment. The original hacker who discovered three extra legendaries hidden in X and Ys code (Diance, Volcanion, and Hoopa) claimed he found the Mega legendaries not long after. Considering Diance has been confirmed as real, theres a decent chance Mega Latios and Latias are legit too.

Vivillon is getting some new colors

One of the cutest things about X and Ys Vivillon is collecting all of its different designs from players around the world. There are 18 aesthetically unique wing patterns to collect and trade, but the same hacker who discovered Mega Latios and Latias claims two more can be found in the games code, bringing the count up to 20. Time will tell if these rumors are true.

What do you think?

As you can see, there were a lot of rumors circulating Pokmon X and Y prior to its release. Are there any you wish had made it into the final games? Are there any youre glad turned out to be false? What do you think of the unconfirmed rumors? Are Mega Latios and Latias real, or are they just another wild theory? Let us know in the comments below!

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