2K Games addresses support site hack, reveals users' personal data has been stolen

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Publisher 2K Games has issued an email to users informing them of a recent data breach that resulted in personal details being stolen, and warns everyone to look out for suspicious activity on their accounts.

According to the company, on Thursday, September 19, an unauthorized third party accessed and copied "a limited volume" of information stored on 2K's help desk platform. This included users' names, email addresses, gamertags, console details, and other personal information provided to the company’s support team. "There is no indication that any of your financial information or password(s) held on our systems were compromised," 2K says.

Additionally, the publisher revealed that the hacker has contacted a number of players, sending them a malicious link masquerading as a software update from 2K. Instead, this link could potentially compromise data, such as passwords, stored on a user's device. The support portal was taken offline shortly after the breach was discovered, and those sent malicious links have now been contacted.

In light of this data breach, 2K is asking that users "look out for suspicious activity across your accounts and be vigilant for unauthorized third parties trying to leverage the incident to harm you."

2K's help desk service is now up and running again, and you can contact the customer support team as normal should you need any assistance. "We want to emphasize at the outset that keeping personal data safe and secure is very important to us, and we deeply regret that this has happened," the publisher says.

When it comes to security breaches, 2K is far from alone. Last month, footage that seemed to be an early version of GTA 6 appeared online. Rockstar revealed that the content was indeed real and that the leak was the result of a "network intrusion". The hacker accused of stealing the content is now facing an investigation by the FBI.  

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