29 PlayStation 4 mockups

Variety is the spice of life

On February 20, Sony is making a big announcement. Many hope it is the first look at the design for the PlayStation 4, but we can't know for sure. If it is, though, we can't help but wonder: What will it look like? Lots of talented fans have taken it upon themselves to make an educated guess. Some look like total shots in the dark, where others have that classic Sony style.

We are all going to have to wait and see when Sony finally decides to peel back the curtain,(although a recent controller leak makes it seem more likely) but until then, take a look (or a laugh) at some of these PS4 mockups.

Throw another PS4 on the barbie

We bet this controller will go over great in Australia, until they start chucking them in the air expecting them to fly back to their hand.



The PS4 will go after the retro look of the Sega Saturn. Lets hope it comes bundled with a copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga.


Twice the fun

Think your controller is cool because it has a screen on it Wii U? BOOM! PS4 is going to have TWO screens. That's twice the awesome.


My Cellular, PS4ular Phone

When you're done playing your PS4 just put it in your pocket and go. This model makes calls and sends text too, we'd think. If we're lucky it will have a camera on the back for when your cat is doing something soooo cute and you have to share it with your friends, like totally ASAP.


Slap shot

Its a hockey puck! No! Its a PS4! No... wait, it IS a hockey puck. Hold on! This just in! its a... PS4.


Looks like Team PS4 is blasting off again...

You're going have a hard time holding on to this controller on account of the twin rocket engines designed to take you to space.


Head banger

Where to begin...


Outdoor gaming

When you're done with your multi-hour gaming session and you want to go play around outside in the sun, your PS4 also doubles as a Frisbee.


Very Punny

We dont get the point of this design.


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