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Prototype PlayStation 4 controller?

The image above (via Destructoid) may be our first look at the PlayStation 4's prototype controller. Its origin is indeterminate but it looks believable, lining up with scuttlebutt that the controller will have a reworked design complete with integral touchscreen.

The thicker, wider model appears to be hooked up to a devkit, with a lighted bump on top which may allow built-in Move support. Previous d-pads were more segmented than this nearly-cross shaped input device; the analog sticks look a bit odd; and sure, why not throw in a speaker.

Keep in mind that the PlayStation 3's controller once looked like a shiny plastic boomerang, so there's a very good chance the design will change at least a bit by the time it's in your hands.

We'll likely know more when Sony has its meeting next week.

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