24 film to take place in real-time after all?

Real-time films have a bit of a bad rep, but we’re not sure why. Nick Of Time isn’t that bad, and Rope, 12 Angry Men and United 93 are ace.

Which is why we couldn’t understand the logic of making a 24 movie and leaving the show’s key hook out of the equation; Jack Bauer’s a brilliant character that deserves to be seen on the big screen, but at the expense of that ticking clock?

So thank goodness the suits behind the 24 flick are starting to see sense, according to frequent show helmer Jon Cassar. Well, partially at least.

"I think the idea is to do an hour of it that sets it up where you can go around the world and set up a story in normal film time,” Cassar said. “And probably the last hour will be in real-time"

‘Possibly’ is better than ‘never’, but only an hour of real-time? The campaign for a four hour real-time 24 flick, in which Jack spends a completely uneventful hour sitting on a plane, eating peanuts and chatting to his fellow passengers, starts here!

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