2019's wildest B-movie, The VelociPastor, is getting a sequel about a lesbian couple fighting Dracula in 1880s Australia

(Image credit: Brendan Steere)

2019's The VelociPastor, a B-movie about a priest who can turn into a dinosaur, is getting a vampire horror sequel called Outback Dracula. 

In case you need a refresher, I'll put my writing experience to the ultimate test and try to summarize The VelociPastor. Doug Jones is a pastor grieving the death of his parents. He goes on a spiritual journey to China where he accidentally cuts himself on a stone artefact and starts turning into a dinosaur when he's angry. He's later convinced by a prostitute to use his newfound power to fight crime, and the duo end up warring against drug-dealing Christian ninjas.

You might wonder if writer/director Brendan Steere was in business with his own hallucinogen-slinging ninjas before thinking this up, but he told GamesRadar in an interview last year that the idea for The VelociPastor came from an autocorrect mishap on his phone.

THR now reports that The VelociPastor has now been turned into a three-part series, with Outback Dracula being a bigger-budget sequel set in 1880s Australia. The story revolves around a psychic, lesbian schoolteacher who is searching for her missing girlfriend along with "the world's greatest adventurer," but Dracula and his Golden Army of the Undead stands in her way. The story doesn't involve any of the characters from The VelociPastor, but it does feature the same cast and crew.

"The movie will have the same insane, anything-goes tone as the first film that we all fell in love with," Steere said, who's now working with a roughly $1.5 million to $2 million budget as opposed to The VelociPastor's $35,000 budget.

The sequel is said to start filming either later this year or early 2021 in Australia. The third film in the franchise has already been written, but Steere is staying tight-lipped about the details. For now, the director and co-writer Jesse Gouldsbury are focused on "an Australian LGBTQ+ vampire movie called Outback Dracula."

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