2012 trailer arrives to destroy us all

He’s taken out the White House, swamped half of America in awful weather and sunk the UK. But that’s clearly not enough for Roland Emmerich.

Nope, the master of disaster is back with another world-ending (this time, er, literally) circus of carnage in 2012.

It springs off from the Mayan Calendar, which unhelpfully ends on December 21, and predicts that the world will come to an end on that date.

Emmerich is only too happy to oblige as trouble with the Earth’s core brings earthquakes, volcanoes and all sorts of madness.

John Cusack and his splintered family (including ex Amanda Peet) are caught up in the madness.

But do the world’s governments – including Danny Glover’s US President have a plan? Looks like it…

You can check out the international trailer here (no sign of a YouTube link yet) and watch the US trailer below.

Then tell us what you think – classic or clag in the making?

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