2006 FIFA World Cup Germany trailer

Tuesday 28 March 2006
2006 FIFA World Cup Germany is EA's official game of this summer's football tournament and the publisher/developer has released the first trailer for the game - which you can see by clicking here - showing off some of the virtual virtuosos conjuring up some magical ball trickery.

The game will feature all the teams, kits, player rosters and stadiums from the 2006 FIFA World Cup and will be the most authentic simulation available for the celebrated football fiesta. In addition, over 100 of the glorious game's greatest players will possess their real-life skills and "enhanced attributes".

Above: Football's most famous players will be instantly recognisable and will possess their real-life skills

Of course, all the official window dressing is very nice, but without a decent kickabout to back it up it's as useful as a wooden-legged winger. EA is promising changes to several elements of the game with tweaks being made to shooting and passing, as well as a new penalty kick mode being introduced.

After the previous Xbox 360 FIFA offering - the pothole ridden FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup - it will certainly be in EA's best interest to produce something with much more polish for Microsoft's next-gen machine.

Matt Cundy
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