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20 Greatest Pulp Fiction Trivia Facts

No Sharona

Did You Know? The Knack’s infamous My Sharona was Tarantino’s first choice for the song playing during Marcellus’ encounter with The Gimp.

After consulting his music supervisor, Karyn Rachtman, it turned out another 1994 film had secured it. The Gen-X dramedy Reality Bites snagged it for their gas station scene, which set Tarantino back on the hunt for a perfect accompaniment.

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine anything other than his final selection; The Revels’ Comanche .

Civic Duty

Did You Know? The white Honda Civic Butch is driving when he mows down Marcellus is the same car Jackie Brown drives.

It later makes a brief cameo in Kill Bill , parked in the car park of the My Oh My strip club in Vol. 2.

Esmerelda Villalobos

Did You Know? Angela Jones, who played Butch’s cab driver Esmerelda Villalobos, played the same character in the 30-minute Tarantino-produced film called Curdled . Her profession as a crime scene cleaner in that gritty short captured Tarantino’s interest, so he wrote her into the Pulp script.

This goes some way to explaining why she asks Butch what it’s like to kill a man - workplace curiosity.

Big Kahuna Burger

Did You Know? When Jules and Vincent shakedown the college kids for Marcellus’ briefcase, Jules helps himself to a bite of Brett (Frank Whaley)’s “tasty burger.” The fast food chain it’s from is Big Kahuna Burger, a fictional Hawaiian boiger joint Tarantino references throughout his movies.

In Reservoir Dogs , Mr. Blonde snacks on one after the robbery. The Gecko brothers in From Dusk Till Dawn (which Tarantino wrote) wolf them down after shooting up a liquor store. They also receive a mention in True Romance . And Death Proof . Oh, and Four Rooms .

Poster Lawsuit

Did You Know? The original teaser poster for the movie was recalled by Miramax after the studio were threatened with a lawsuit. The various objects scattered in front of Uma Thurman included a pack of Lucky Strikes cigarettes and a novel, Harlot In The Heart .

The rights to feature both items had not been secured. So, Miramax sent out notices to all movie theatres demanding the one-sheets be returned. If posters were not posted back, the cinemas were fined $10.

Those posters now fetch somewhere between $500-$1000.

Bad Toilet Habit

Did You Know? Vincent’s lengthy trips to the loo aren’t just bad for his colon. Seems they also have an adverse effect on his current situation.

When he pops to the toilet at Mia’s, he returns to find her overdosing. At the diner he exits to discover the place is being held up by Pumpkin and Honey Bunny.

And his third trip is his last ever. As he walks out of the bathroom at Butch’s house, the boxer blows him away with a shotgun.

Exploitation Homages

Did You Know? The weapons Butch picks up in the pawn shop are all references to some of Tarantino’s favourite exploitation flicks.

The bat is used by Sheriff Pusser in Walking Tall (the 1973 movie - not the Dwayne Johnson one), the hammer is wielded in Friday The 13th Part 2 , the Samurai Sword is from Lightning Swords Of Death , and the chainsaw? Leatherface’s chosen instrument of death in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre .

Trophy Thieves

Did You Know? Swanning into Mia’s house with a trophy, we’re led to believe she and Vincent came first in the Jack Rabbit Slim’s dance contest for their impromptu twist boogie.

Truth is, they didn’t actually win. Later on, as Butch is making his way on foot to his apartment, we hear a news bulletin on a radio in the background. The announcer reveals that the trophy was in fact stolen.

Trying To Be The Shepherd

Did You Know? The Bible passage memorised by Jules is one helluva monologue to hear before facing the cold, steely chamber of Mr. 9MM.

Thing is, it isn’t strictly from the good book. Quentin Tarantino and Samuel L. Jackson co-wrote the main bulk of the speech. Those references to the shepherd and the righteous man? Created just for the script.

They did tack on a couple of lines at the end from the real Ezekiel 25:17.

Nifty Needling

Did You Know? The infamous adrenaline shot scene, when Vincent Vega plunges a hypodermic needle directly into Mia’s chest was no lucky stab.

They shot the scene with the hypodermic already in place. Travolta pulled the needle from her chest and the shot was then reversed in post-production.

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