20 Greatest Pulp Fiction Trivia Facts

Coffee Shop

Did You Know? In the credits, the manager of the diner is simply credited as Coffee Shop.

If you listen carefully when Pumpkin (Tim Roth) has a gun to the man’s head he asks “Are you gonna be a hero?” The terrified manager replies, “No, I’m just a coffee shop-“ before he gets cut off by a ranting Roth.

Fair enough.

Butch Dillon

Did You Know? Tarantino offered the part of boxer Butch Coolidge to Matt Dillon, who he met at a BBQ thrown by Harvey Keitel. A hot commodity after his performance in Drugstore Cowboy , Dillon wanted to mull it over. He asked for time to consider the offer.

During that period, Tarantino met with Bruce Willis. Eager to be involved, Willis had his next movie juggle their production schedule to cater for his shooting on Pulp . Tarantino cast him instead.

The Battle Of The Titans

Did you Know? The marquee outside Butch’s big fight reads: Coolidge vs. Wilson. This is a nod to competing presidential candidates Calvin Coolidge and Woodrow Wilson.

The two smaller names, Vossler vs. Martinez are an homage to Russell Vossler and Jerry Martinez - two of Tarantino’s co-workers from his days as a video store clerk.

Who Directs The Director?

Did You Know? The scenes during ‘The Bonnie Situation’ in which Tarantino appears as Jimmie, were directed by none other than an uncredited Robert Rodriguez. The pair would go on to collaborate on From Dusk Till Dawn and Grindhouse .

This links into QT’s decision regarding which onscreen role he would play. Originally it had been tie between Jimmie and Lance. He took the part of Jimmie so he could be behind the camera for the overdose scene. Eric Stoltz was then cast as Lance.

Tequila Time

Did You Know? To prepare for the role of Vincent Vega, John Travolta turned to a close friend of Tarantino’s for advice. He asked QT’s buddy, a recovering heroin addict, for the best way to achieve a similar euphoria to taking the drug - without actually taking it.

He was pretty pleased with the lengths he had to go to for research. The friend told him to get hammered on tequila while lying in a hot bath.

Car Keyed

Did You Know? Vincent Vega’s grumble about his 1964 Chevelle Malibu getting keyed became an unfortunate prophecy for the car’s real-life owner, Quentin Tarantino. Except what really happened to the classic automobile was much worse - it was stolen from the Pulp Fiction set back in 1994.

Luckily for QT, early in 2013 a police officer spotted a couple of hoodlums stripping a car for parts and investigated.

Yep, it was the director’s prized possession - returned after 19 years!

The Brothers Bloody

Did You Know? The pony-tailed hitman of Pulp Fiction, Vincent Vega is related to another of Tarantino’s violent creations.

His brother is none other than Vic Vega, the crazed, ear-slicing Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen) from Reservoir Dogs .

Tarantino had originally planned to unite the pair onscreen for The Vega Brothers. Due to Vincent’s death in Pulp , the only plausible way forward would have been via a prequel. The current age of both the actors means it's probably unlikely to happen now.

Marcellus And The Briefcase

Did You Know? One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the film involves Marcellus Wallace (Ving Rhames) - and the contents of his glowing briefcase.

The theory most commonly bandied around is that it contains Marcellus’s soul. Further evidence, such as the band-aid on his neck, caused fans to believe his soul was removed at the base of his skull. Then handed to the devil. The 666 lock combination seemed to corroborate that idea.

Tarantino soon put that idea to rest. The band-aid on Marcellus’ neck was actually to cover one of Rhames’ scars. The underlying truth is: no-one knows what’s inside. Tarantino and co-writer Roger Avary ‘fessed up, saying it’s “whatever the viewer wants it to be.”

Mia Wallace

Did You Know? An array of actresses were considered for the role of Mia Wallace. Michelle Pfeiffer, Daryl Hannah, Isabella Rossellini, Meg Ryan, Joan Cusack and Julia Louis-Dreyfus were all in the running, until Tarantino set his heart on Uma Thurman.

Even though he offered her the role, she was reticent to accept. Determined to have her in the movie, Tarantino called her and read the entire script to her over the phone.

Yeah, that changed her mind.

Samuel L. Jackson

Did You Know? Tarantino wrote the role of Jules Winfield specifically for Sam Jackson. The actor still had to audition, which didn’t turn out so well.

New York actor Paul Calderon who was later cast as English Bob (“My name’s Paul, and this shit’s between y’all”) tested for the part. His take on wise gangster Jules was met with massive enthusiasm from producers. On the verge of losing the role, Sam Jackson flew in and re-auditioned. Needless to say, he nailed it. Just.

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