1408 trailer puts the scares online

Stephen King has written enough books for people to know that when he makes a car, a psychokinetic teenager or a house frightening, you just don’t go near the place. But it seems John Cusack’s Mike Enslin clearly didn’t get that memo as he’s all too willing to put the titular legendary hotel room to the test in 1408.

See, 1408 has seen everyone who’s ever stayed in it die an unfortunate death, but Enslin’s not being put off. He’s a writer with a driving interest in the paranormal, though the recent death of his daughter has sent him into a sceptical mood. So when he hears about the hotel room, he’s convinced he can debunk it, despite the warnings of mysterious hotel manager Mr Olin (Samuel L Jackson).

So… is the room haunted? Well, this being a Stephen King adaptation, you’d hardly expect bunny rabbits and lollipops, but for our money, the trailer gives away rather more than it should. Still, there’s plenty left to enjoy, so if you want to stay pure, stay away from 1408’s promo. If you’re not worried, then step within by clicking here

The film will be out here in late 2007.

Source: ( Yahoo )