13 Reasons Why season 4 finale is a feature-length "proper sendoff" for the characters

(Image credit: Netflix)

13 Reasons Why season 4 has brought the Netflix show to an end. What started as a series about one girl's death transformed into a teen drama dealing with the multitudes of life at high school. Despite the show being embroiled in many controversies, the streaming service has persevered and continued to release new episodes, the last of which have finally debuted.

To some surprise, the 13 Reasons Why season 4 finale is actually a feature-length episode of the show, clocking in at 98 minutes long. That extra length was needed to give the cast of characters a "proper sendoff" according to Devin Druid, who plays Tyler Down in the show.

“We were really fortunate that Netflix gave us the opportunity to have this many seasons and write an actual ending,” Druid told TVLine. “Not every show has that same luxury, so I’m really grateful.”

The extended length of the finale may also come as the season itself comes in three episodes shorter than the previous seasons – being 10 episodes instead of 13. But that's not the only reason season 4's different, with Druid calling it “more of a departure from the other seasons, which had a central catalyst that motivated the characters."

This season just takes a look at everything these characters have gone through, and the story comes from how they react to all of that," he said. "So it kind of goes the opposite way, which I think is really fun.”

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