13 new games, reveals and premieres that are going to be at the Spike VGAs

BioShock Infinite

We've seen plenty of BioShock Infinite footage over the past year, but that doesn't make us any less ravenous for new information. But, as we confirmed on Monday, the game will be shown again at the VGAs. We've even got this teaser image for it. It just looks so good, it physically pains us to look upon its beauty. Observe:

Above: Ouch

Command & Conquer: Alliances

BioWare's been teasing a new game reveal for some time, so the lid looks likely to be lifted at the show. There's also the fact that it registered some fifteen web domain names only four days ago, all of which were related to C&C and featured the word 'Alliance' (and its plural). That'll be Command & Conquer Alliances, then. Excellent.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising

We've seen very little of this game since its impressive sword-sling reveal at E3 last year. But it's a confirmed attendee at the VGAs, so the wait for more info looks to be over. Raiden had better not disappoint us, or we'll jump at him with a sword between our teeth and how him how slice 'n' dice is really done.

Mass Effect 3

We've already seen and played Mass Effect 's controversial multiplayer mode, but it's the single-player mode we're most interested in. We've had some morsels of information, but what we really want is for EA to show us more gameplay. EA has promised the game will be there, so here's hoping for big things - it is, after all, Mass Effect frickin' 3.

Diablo III

The opening cinematic of Diablo III is going to be shown at the event, confirmed by the game's official Twitter feed.

Above: Pink isn't the colour we'd normally associate with the game, but who are we to judge?

Alan Wake

Alan Wake is returning as a standalone XBLA game. But there still seems to be some confusion over the project's title. A ratings listing has an Alan Wake game called 'American Nightmare', while the teaser image below clearly says 'Night Springs'. Our guess? An American Nightmare set in Night Springs. Bam.

Above: The new game is rumoured to be near AAA standard despite its demotion to XBLA

Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron

There's going to be a new Transformers game shown at the event! Moving on, then...

The Last of Us

As we reported earlier today, Sony's big exclusive mystery game looks certain to be The Last of Us - a survival horror game by none other than Naughty Dog of Uncharted fame. Why do we think this? The clue in the newspaper headline found in Uncharted 3 (see the video below), plus the fact that Geoff Keighley announced the game will be from an "amazing developer". All the pieces fit the puzzle - and we didn't need to hit Select to work it out from the journal.

Rainbow Six: Patriots

Not much point being in the army if you don't feel patriotic, in fairness. But still, we're up for more tactical shooting action. We're promised this one will be at the awards, although there's not much else to go on.

The game Epic is scared to show us

Epic seems worried about showing off its new IP. We can't think why. Maybe it's because Gears of War 3 was good but not incredible, so a lot rests on the shoulders of this as-yet unannounced title.

Epic's Mike Capps told gamesindustry.biz: We're scared to death of both. I'm so scared that people will just say "oh yeah, that looks like an Epic game, oh sure" because I want them to see it as a departure, but I don't want anyone to say "that doesn't look anything like an Epic game, forget it, I'm not interested." So we're actually nervous, we haven't been nervous like this for a while!

Above: Epic's also-epic Gears trilogy has concluded. Time for something fresh!

Maybe it's a game about slugs or something. Not massive slug-like aliens that live underground, but just actual slugs. We're guessing, of course. But if we had made Gears of War 3 and then had to announce a game about slugs, we'd be nervous too. Just sayin'.

Tony Hawk

What's this? The Birdman's skateboard series returning to our screens after failing so damn hard in his last two outings? After being unceremoniously dumped by Activision after not living up to sales expectations? After being run into the ground like a ploughman's tiller with an elephant astride it? After being the laughing stock of the industry for the last couple of years before slinking off into a corner somewhere to die?

This should be good!

The Amazing Spider-Man

It'll be amazing if it's amazing, as we haven't had a truly great Spider-Man game since Spider-Man 2. And that was last-gen. We're coming to the end of this generation and we've already had about 30 Spider-Man games (or so it feels like). Still, the very idea of Spider-Man should be perfect for a videogame, so we're always up for another try. This one's a movie tie-in and you can see the teaser for its reveal right here:

Hitman: Absolution

We already know the game's coming, but a trailer for the new Hitman will be shown at the awards. Excited? We are. It's been too long since ol' baldy barcode man (also known as Agent 47) was killing people in sneaky ways on our screens.


There's more? There's more! Rumour has it there will be one more as-yet unannounced game at the show. Ooh, mysteries! What could this be? Could it really be Half-Life 3? GR's resident Valve fan Dave says it should be Half-Life 3. He says I should guess Half-Life 3 because if it turns out to be Half-Life 3 and I guessed something other than Half-Life 3, I wouldn't want to be the guy who didn't guess it was Half-Life 3. He says Half-Life 3 a lot, doesn't he? But in all honestly, it feels like there's more chance of hell freezing over, so let's say it could be a new trailer for GTA V. But it's going to be Half-Life 3 now, isn't it?


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