11 places you've seen the type of "hackers" in this Watch Dogs 2 trailer before

I love hackers. Or rather, I love Hollywood's idea of hackers. They're always these tough dudes (usually with tattoos) and slightly goth girls with colored hair and or people with masks that make emoji faces. And they're always going up against some megacorporate villain that practically screams "I kick puppies for fun" while twirling his moustache. It's a proud, noble tradition of portrayals that Watch Dogs 2 is clearly embracing, as evidenced by this new trailer:

Meanwhile, in the real world, here are the winners from the 2016 Global Cyberlympics hacking competition. They're Norwegian:

They look a little different from our rag-tag misfits here, don't they?

But maybe I'm not being fair. So let's break it down, group member by group member. First up, we have our main hero, Marcus Holloway:

A scrappy underdog who uses his wits and cobbled together tech to survive in the big city. Distinctly anti-corporate. Kind of like…

Next up, Sitara Dhawan, DedSec's PR specialist:

Sitara is a sassy lady-hacker with counter-culture fashion and distinctly non-conservative hair. Reminds me of a certain NCIS member...

Though I also would've accepted Penelope from Criminal Minds as an answer.

Josh doesn't get much screentime in this new trailer, but previous Ubisoft featurettes have painted him as a shy, socially-awkward loner type.

Ever heard of a little show called Mr. Robot? These types of hackers just have to keep their hoods up - otherwise how would we know they're shy?

Okay, I've been playfully jabbing at the group so far, but I gotta be honest: I love Wrench.

I love everything about him, from his dumb spikes to his light-up emoticon goggles. I don't even care if it's just "anarchist Daft Punk"...

And/or "anarchist Deadmau5"...

Lastly from the heroes, we have Horatio.

Like Josh, he doesn't get much of an exposition here, but I'm getting a bit of a "Luis from Ant-Man" vibe:

Oh, and our bad guy, Dusan Nemic (pronounced "douche-on"):

I think…

You've probably…

Seen him…


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