100 WiiWare games in development

Nintendo has revealed that there are currently about 100 WiiWare titles in various stages of development.

NOA's senior director of project development, Tom Prata, toldIGNthat the company plans to release new WiiWare titles each Monday and that it hasn't set a limit on the number of games that will launch on any given week.

"Rather, we are working with developers and their production schedules to bring the products to consumers in a timely manner," he said, noting that, "currently, there are about 100 games in development for WiiWare at various stages of completion."

The North American WiiWare service launched on May 19, and while Prata said that Nintendo was "pleased to see consumers enjoying the games made available by WiiWare developers," he was unwilling to discuss service sales information.

In the wide-ranging interview Prata also noted that Nintendo doesn't have any new plans to address Wii storage space limitations, that the file size limit for WiiWare titles is "sufficient... for creating compelling new gameplay experiences," and that there are currently no plans to introduce a WiiWare demo service.

Courtesy of Next Generation.

Jun 2, 2008