10 stunning fan tributes to classic racing games, created in Forza Horizon 3

Racing game fans, I'm about to break your heart a little. What you're about to see are not, in fact, advertisements for HD remasters of classic racing games - they're Forza Horizon 3 screens, with some light photo manipulation and other games' logos slapped onto them, courtesy of Reddit user Eric Yui.

Yui has created more than two dozen homages to the racing games of yesteryear, and that's just part 1 - he says he plans to upload even more thanks to the attention his post has gained. We've picked out 10 of our favorites below, but you can check out the full Imgur album to find your favorites if you're feeling so inclined.

Crazy Taxi 

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!


Come to think of it, Driveclub did have a thing for rain, didn't it?

Burnout 3 

I know y'all love Burnout Paradise and I'mma let you finish but… Burnout 3.


You are the wheelman.


This game features Iowa band Slipknot and I'm from Iowa so… instant fave.

Colin McRae Rally 2.0 

The genesis of Dirt.

Project Gotham Racing 4 

Major Kudos on nailing the look of this one.


YES. This needs to happen.

Gran Turismo 4 

The Gran Turismo games always went for flashy-but-classy scenes in their ads.

Need for Speed Underground 2 

Like looking into a higher-res mirror of the past.

If you've got a copy of Forza Horizon 3, you can always just find the right area, combine it with the right car and tunes, and experience this nostalgia trip for yourself. After all, that's how Yui started:

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