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10 new stills from The Box

Richard Kelly is hoping for a reversal of fortune with latest project The Box , a high concept sci-fi chiller based on a story by I Am Legend scribe Richard Matheson.

Kelly's last film, The Southland Tales , was about as well recieved as a Michael Bay remake of Hamlet.

Thankfully, the director has plenty of goodwill still left in reserve from the success of his debut, Donnie Darko , and with a solid trailer already online, we're hoping The Box holds only good things.

Below are a selection of images from the film hosted over at, featuring stars Cameron Diaz, James Marsden and Skeletor himself Frank Langella looking a little worse for wear.

So there you go, and there are more at if you haven't had enough.

Richard Kelly's Box or Pandora's Box? You decide.