10 big takeaways from DC's May 2023 solicitations

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February 17 brought the release of DC's full May 2023 solicitations, and DC's summer plans are heating up with new releases for 'Dawn of DC', including big plans for Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, Cyborg, and many more.

Along with a revamped Green Lantern #1, May will see the release of the landmark Batman #900, a new Power Girl special that brings the recently returned cousin of Earth-2 Superman back to the fold, and even the first official meeting between the core DC Universe and the world of Injustice: Gods Among Us.

So read on for all the details on those stories and more, as we look at ten major takeaways from DC's May 2023 solicitations.

Green Lantern #1

The new 'Dawn of DC' Green Lantern title will finally launch in May, though it looks a bit different than when it was first announced.

Rather than two separate titles for John Stewart and Hal Jordan, Green Lantern will feature a main Hal Jordan story written by Jeremy Adams with art by Xermanico, and a John Stewart back-up feature written by Philip Kennedy Johnson with art by Montos.

Power Girl Special #1

Power Girl is back in the DC Universe, and in May, Earth-2's Maid of Might gets her own Power Girl Special #1 one-shot written by Leah Williams with art from Marguerite Sauvage.

Spinning out of the current Lazarus Planet event, Power Girl Special #1 pits the eponymous hero against otherworldly JSA villain Johnny Sorrow.

Peacemaker Tries Hard!

Peacemaker has become a live-action DC sensation thanks to John Cena's performance as the antihero in The Suicide Squad and his own HBO Max streaming series.

In May, writer Kyle Starks and artist Steve Pugh will embrace some of the Peacemaker streaming series' irreverence for a new limited series titled Peacemaker Tries Hard!, in which Peacemaker's dog is kidnapped by a supervillain.

Spirit World, City Boy, The Vigil

May marks the observance of Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and DC is pulling out all the stops by introducing a trio of new Dawn of DC titles featuring creators and characters of AAPI descent.

First there's City Boy, about a hero who literally talks to cities themselves. Then there's the mysterious new super-team The Vigil. And finally there's Spirit World, which teams up new hero Xanthe with Batgirl Cass Cain and John Constantine for a magical adventure.

Return to Injustice

The world of the Injustice video games returns to comics this May - but not in a new revived Injustice title.

Instead, Superman's son Jon Kent (also Superman) will visit the world ruled by an evil version of his dad in Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #3.

Titans #1

The members of the Justice League may be back in action after their absence from the DC Universe at large during the recent Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths event. But the team itself is still disbanded for now.

But May will bring the answer to the question of who will take their place, with the debut of Titans #1 from writer Tom Taylor and artist Nicola Scott, which places Nightwing and his team as the leading protectors of the DC Universe.

Batman #900

In May, DC's long running Batman title reaches the milestone Batman #900, which is also technically Batman #135 of the current volume, thanks to "Legacy Numbering."

The oversized issue is written by Chip Zdarsky with art from Mike Hawthorne, Adrian di Benedetto, and returning fan-favorite Batman artist Jorge Jiminez.

Cyborg #1

DC's Cyborg title was announced with the onset of 'Dawn of DC,' but back then it didn't yet have a creative team.

Now due out in May, Cyborg #1 is written by Morgan Hampton with art from Tom Raney.

Milestone Initiative #1

Milestone Media is an important part of DC's legacy as a publisher, and the imprint is currently in a renaissance at DC with new projects set in Milestone's Dakota Universe.

Part of that includes the debut of the Milestone Initiative, a group of handpicked creators who will contribute to May's Milestone Initiative #1 anthology one-shot.

Batman: White Knight Presents: Generation Joker #1

Of all DC's alt-universe versions of Batman, Sean Gordon Murphy's White Knight continuity is one of the most enduring among fans with numerous sequels and spin-offs.

Now in May, Batman: White Knight is back with Batman: White Knight Presents: Generation Joker #1, from writers Katana Collins and Clay McCormack and artist Mirka Andolfo.

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