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  • Finishing Moves

    All codes must be done in tie-up.
    Shawn michaels hold special,left,right,up
    Ken shamrock hold special,left,up,right
    Kane hold special,right,up,down
    Steve Austin hold special,down,left,right
    Faarooq hold special,down,up,left
    Goldust hold special,right,down,right
    Triple H hold special,up,left,down
    Owen Hart hold special,down,right,left
    The Rock hold special,left,down,up
    British Bulldog hold special,right,left,down
    Ahmed Jonson hold special,up,down,left
    The Undertaker hold spesial,left,down,right
    Submitted by None
  • The Rock Rock Bottom

    When near opponent:R,R,U,Punch+Tie Up
    Submitted by None
  • Mankind Mandible Claw

    When in Tie-up:L,R,TU
    Submitted by None
  • HHH Pedigree

    When Near Opponent:L,D,R,P+TU or R,D,L,Punch tieup (Tringle + Circle together) (both standing)
    Submitted by None
  • Custom Player Attributte points:(Don't forget to save after win)

    Win Verses match on hard 2 pts.
    Win Tag team match on hard 3pts.
    Win Cage match on hard 2pts.
    Win Weapons match on hard 2pts.
    Win WWF Title on hard 6pts
    Submitted by Ronald Nottingham

    LEFT+SQUARE, LEFT+SQUARE, R1+L1, R2+L2, R1+L1, R2+L2.
    Submitted by None
  • No Meters Mode

    win the wwf title with the undertaker and you will get no meters mode,after you have gotton the mode press l1&r1 to go to the basement and hit x to activate the mode,then start a game and you and your opponent wil have no power meters
    Submitted by None
  • Play as Cactus Jack

    Win the World title with Mankind.
    Submitted by None
  • All Meters Off:

    Win the WWF title in challenge mode with the Undertaker.
    Submitted by None
  • Play as Dude Love

    Win the IC title with Mankind.
    Thanks to
    Submitted by None
  • Alternate costumes

    To use wrestlers' alternate outfits, hold down L2 while making your character selection.
    Thanks to
    Submitted by None
  • Goldust's Hidden Outfits

    Make sure difficulty is set on Medium or hard, choose Goldust and win the WWF title in challange mode with him. You will unlock Goldust's hidden outfits MarilyDust and Dusty Dust.
    Thanks to
    Submitted by None
  • Get More attribute points

    Get more attribute points for a wrestler you created. First, load the wrestler you created and exit the create a wrestler option. Then, win a match with that wrestler by completely destroying your opponent. You now have two extra attribute points. Finally, go to your create a wrestler option and your wrestler will be open with two two more attribute points.
    Submitted by None
  • Stone Cold Stunner

    To do the Stone Cold Stunner, Your apponent must have power
    in red. Tie up and push left, left, tie up.
    Submitted by None
  • Shawn Michaels

    Sweat chin music right,down,up,kick+block
    Triple HHH-pedigree right,down,left,punch+tie up
    Submitted by None
  • Taunts:

    A Wrestler can taunt his opponent:
    Taunt 1: Press Punch+Block
    Taunt 2: Press Tie Up+Kick
    Submitted by None
  • Call a Wrestler:

    Enter the following to call a wrestler in VERSUS MODE, however, you become disqualified when another wrestler is called.
    Owen Hart:
    The Rock:
    L1+L2+R1+R2+Up+Tie Up
    Steve Austin:
    Shawn Michaels:
    Triple H:
    L1+L2+R1+R2+Right+Tie Up
    The Undertaker:
    Ken Shamrock:
    Bret Hart:
    L1+L2+R1+R2+Left+Tie Up
    The British Bulldog:
    Ahmed Johnson:
    L1+L2+R1+R2+Down+Tie Up
    Mosh Pit:
    Turnbuckle, opponent up facing you. L, R, U, Tie-up+Block
    Submitted by None
  • Play as Trainer

    Go to Trainer mode hit start then x then the code is enabled hit L1 and R1 in the elevator go to custom and then you can play as the trainer!
    Submitted by RST17
  • Goldust Curtain Call

    Use Goldust and beat up your opponent until in red power. make him stunned and then go behind him and press: right,right,down, O,and X.
    Submitted by Austin 3:16
  • Sweet Chin Music

    When opponit's meter is in red press Right,Down,Up,Kick+Block. Also reported as press Left, Down, Up, Kick+Block
    Submitted by Cameron Cook
  • Extra cold feature

    To get stone cold's extra outfits beat the game with him on challenge mode with him on medium or hard difficulty.
    Submitted by
  • Konan

    To create konan as he is as of feb. 99 use this...

    shirt = plaid 50,99
    pants = leather 1 0,0
    belt = chain 1 61,99 (his boxers)
    boots = black 0,0
    atr = 4,5,5,5,6
    moves = twist
    per = ff
    music = c. jack
    Submitted by Adam "Violent A" Kosier (
  • Faarooq's Dominator

    U,U,U,tie+block with both standing
    Submitted by Jordan Moore (
  • Finisher For Mosh+Thrasher

    L,R,U TIEUP+BLOCK (top rope)
    L,U,U, PUNCH+KICK (top rope)
    Submitted by The Happy Clown
  • Play As The Trainer

    To access the trainer as a playable wrestler go to the training room and select any move. You will then get a message notifying you that the trainer is a playable character.
    Submitted by None
  • Dizzy Wrestlers

    In Custom or Biographies mode, hold L or R to make the wrestler spin around until he/she becomes dizzy.
    Submitted by None
  • Play As Pamela

    Play as Pamela: win the WWF title as Sue. Youll now be able to select Pamela, a member of the Iguana staff, as a playable character in the Custom Wrestler mode.
    Submitted by None
  • Taunt Opponent

    During a match press either A+C"l or B+C"d.
    Submitted by None
  • Change Outfits

    On the Character Select screen, hold all four C"buttons and press A to get an alternate color for any of the wrestlers.
    Submitted by None
  • Big Heads

    Beat WWF Challenge on any difficulty with British Bulldog or The Rock to get Big Head Mode.
    Submitted by None
  • Burp And Fart Mode

    Beat WWF Challenge with Mosh or Thrasher on any difficulty to get Burp and Fart Mode. Whenever you get hit you'll let some gas out.
    Submitted by None
  • Hidden Characters: Cactus Jack And Dude Love

    Beat WWF Challenge on Normal with Mankind to unlock Cactus Jack and Dude Love.
    Submitted by None
  • Ego Mode

    Beat WWF Challenge with Ahmed Johnsonn to access Ego Mode.
    Submitted by None
  • Extra Goldust Costumes

    Beat WWF Challenge on Normal with Goldust to get more costumes for him.
    Submitted by None
  • Extra Stone Cold Costumes

    Beat WWF Challenge on Hard with Stone Cold Steve Austin to get more costumes for him.
    Submitted by None
  • Ladies Night Mode

    Beat WWF Challenge with Triple H or Shawn Micheals to access female bodies in Custom Wrestler.
    Submitted by None
  • No Wimps Mode

    Beat WWF Challenge with Faarooq or Ken Shamrock to disable blocking.
    Submitted by None
  • Hidden Character: Rattlesnake

    Beat WWF Challenge with a created wrestler that has 40 of the possible 50 points to access a secret Stone Cold
    Submitted by None
  • Reflections

    Beat WWF Challenge with any wrestler on any mode to turn the wrestler's shadows into full-color reflections
    Submitted by None
  • All Meters Off

    Beat the Challenge with Undertaker to access All meters off.
    Submitted by None
  • Extra Clothes

    Beat the Challenge with Kane to access more clothes for Custom Player.
    Submitted by None
  • Play As Sue

    Beat the Challenge with Owen or Bret Hart to access Sue.
    Submitted by None
  • Alternate outfits

    When selecting a wrestler, hold right-c, then A. But if you're selecting Steve Austin or Goldust with the extra outfits, holding left-C will get you the third costume and up-c will get you the fourth. An advantage to this code is that most of the time the computer will follow with his second outfit too.
    Submitted by James Walker
  • Wrestlemania Ring

    Succesfully finish the season. The last match of the season will take place in the Wrestlemania Ring.
    Submitted by None
  • View Unlocked Cheats

    Press L + R while in the elevator to list the cheats unlocked
    Submitted by None
  • Play as Trainer Mode

    In training mode select Custom followed by Trainer at the character select screen
    Submitted by None
  • Finishers

    Name Position Procedure
    British B Dog Tie-Up up,up,tie-up
    Ahmed Ready Posision Right, Left, Up, Kick + TieUp
    Bret Hart Opponents feet left,left,up
    kick + block
    Steve Austin Ready position left,left,up
    tie-up + block
    Undertaker&Kane Ready position down x3,
    punch + tie-up
    Mankind,Dude Love and cactus jack
    Ready Position right,left,up
    Mosh Turnbuckle and
    standing opponent
    tie-up + block
    Thrasher Turnbuckle and
    opponent on ground right, Up, Up,Punch + kick
    Rock Ready Position left,left,up
    Owen Hart Opponents Feet left,left,up
    kick + block
    Triple H Ready Position right,down,
    left, punch +
    Shawn Michals Ready Position right,down,up
    kick + block
    Goldust Behind Opponent left,down,down
    Faarooq Ready Position up,up,up,
    Ken Shamrock By opponents feet
    kick tie-up
    Other Positions for finishers
    Kain&Undertaker Tie-up up,down,tie-up
    #1 Tie-up Position right,left,
    #2 Opponent on ground
    by head right,down,
    Stone cold Tie-up right,right,
    Submitted by Randy Farren
  • Random Wrestler

    At the Character Selection screen, hold Up and press Block.
    Submitted by None
  • Call For Help

    These codes allow you to call for help from outside the ring. Be aware that calling for help may be fun but you will get disqualified. Press and hold all the buttons shown to call.

    HHH=L, R, Z, C"l, Right
    Thrasher=L, R, Z, C"l, Down
    Bret Hart=L, R, Z, C"l, Left
    Mankind=L, R, Z, C"l, Up
    Mosh=L, R, Z, C"d, Down
    Ahmed Johnson=L, R, Z, C"d, Up
    Undertaker=L, R, Z, C"d, Right
    Owen Hart=L, R, Z, C"d, Left
    Rock=L, R, Z, A, Right
    Austin=L, R, Z, A, Up
    Bulldog=L, R, Z, A, Left
    Ken Shamrock=L, R, Z, A, Down
    Goldust=L, R, Z, B, Right
    Shawn Michaels=L, R, Z, B, Left
    Faarooq=L, R, Z, B, Up
    Kane=L, R, Z, B, Down
    Submitted by None
  • Fight in Wrestlemania ring:

    Successfully complete season mode. The title match will be in the Wrestlemania ring.
    Submitted by None
  • Big Head Mode:

    Win the WWF title in challenge mode with the British Bulldog or the Rock.
    Submitted by None

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