WWE 13 attitude era unlockables guide

Alternate costumes, WHAT? Classic rings and arenas, WHAT? Old school title belts, WHAT?


Reward: Rock Bottom ’98 Arena

Mankind vs. The Rock

Main Objective:Win the match.

Historical Bonus Objective:Perform the Mandible Claw on The Rock.

Rewards: Bonus Match #11, Attitude Era Backstage

Mankind vs. Kane

Match Objectives:Get Kane’s damage to “critical.”
Win the match.

Historical Bonus Objectives:Find Mr. McMahon backstage in 30 seconds or less. [HIDDEN]
Perform an environmental grapple (backstage). [HIDDEN]
Knock out Mr. McMahon in 2 minutes. [HIDDEN]

Reward: WWE Harcore Championship Belt

Road Dogg. vs. Big Boss Man

Main Objective:None.

Historical Bonus Objectives:Slam Big Boss Man through a crowd barrier. [HIDDEN]
Strike Big Boss Man with a trashcan at least 3 times.
Avoid being hit with a signature or finishing move.
Win by pinfall outside the ring.

Reward: The Rock ’98-’99 Workout Attire

Mankind vs. The Rock

Main Objective:Win by pinfall or submission.

Historical Bonus Objectives:Perform at least one finisher.
Perform at least 5 object attacks.
Win in one minute or less. [HIDDEN]


Reward: Royal Rumble ’99 Arena

The Rock vs. Mankind

Main Objective:Win the I Quit match.

Historical Bonus Objectives:Grapple Mankind as he’s leaning on the announcer table.
Lure Mankind to the stage after he has “moderate” damage.
Perform the People’s Elbow.
Hit Mankind with a chair 13 times while in-ring. [HIDDEN]

Reward: Halftime Heat Empty Arena, Bonus Match #12

Mankind vs. The Rock

Main Objective:Go backstage and win by pinfall or submission.

Historical Bonus Objective:Grapple The Rock as he’s leaning on the forklift. [HIDDEN]

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