WWE 13 attitude era unlockables guide

Alternate costumes, WHAT? Classic rings and arenas, WHAT? Old school title belts, WHAT?

Brothers of Destruction

Reward: SummerSlam ’98 Arena

Steve Austin vs. Undertaker

Match Objectives:
Win by pinfall or submission.

Historical Bonus Objectives:
Slam Undertaker through the announcer table.
Perform a finisher and win by pinfall in 10 seconds.

Reward: Bonus Match #7

Kane vs. Undertaker vs. Steve Austin

Match Objective:
Pin Austin while he has “critical” damage.

Historical Bonus Objectives:
Perform a double-team move on Austin in-ring while he has “critical” damage.

Reward: Breakdown ’98 Arena

The Rock vs. Mankind vs. Ken Shamrock

Match Objective:

Historical Bonus Objective:
Win by pinfall.

Rewards: Stone Cold 3:16 Shirt, Bonus Match #8

Undertaker vs. Kane

Match Objective:
Pin Kane while he has “critical” damage.

Historical Bonus Objectives:
Avoid using any finishers.
Strike Kane with a chair while he has “critical” damage.

Reward: Judgment Day ’98 Arena

Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind

Match Objective:

Historical Bonus Objective:
Force Mankind to submit in-ring using the Ankle Lock finisher.