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Jan 11, 2008

Top array of stuff here this month, but not a single cake. We’ll probably have that fixed by Easter, when it’ll be Galaxy eggs and chocolate controllers all round. The No More Heroes toilet paper is a particular highlight this month, even though it looks like it would dissolve at the first hint of trouble.

1) Wii rock
This amazing music video from Detroit band Philo-san sort of passed us by in the summer, but the internet has given it eternal life on YouTube and we just can’t get over how great it is. Reminds us of a group called Shyne Factory, who did a GoldenEye tribute video many years ago, except this one is all about some strange create-a-band channel on Wii. It’s really sweet.

2) Bathroom hero
Promo tat comes in all shapes and sizes, but never before have we seen game stars plastered over sheets of toilet paper (apart from the odd relative of Conker’s Great Mighty Poo). This is from the Japanese launch event for No More Heroes. Would Travis Touchdown really put up with scratchy single-ply?

3) Greatest Galaxy wallpaper ever
When we saw this fabulous piece of Galaxy artwork, our emotions ranged from belly-tingling awe at the sheer beauty of it, to nasty anger towards Nintendo for not releasing it in time for us to put it on our Galaxy review. Awe won the day, thankfully, and the art is available in wallpaper format from Nintendo’s Japanese homepage. Get it quick.

4) Wii SNES controller
Japan’s Club Nintendo has long been the source of exclusive gifts, such as limited edition games, consoles and other cool gear. Now gamers who register their Nintendo stuff on the site can get a replica SNES controller for the Wii. The Classic controller is pretty much the same thing, only with two sticks and manky shoulder buttons. We’re not bitter.

5) Use the force
Never in the field of plastic add-ons has so much been strapped to such a tiny controller. Bulk up your remote with one of Nintendo’s official plastic jackets, turn it into a saucepan, a golf club or a tennis racquet. Fill it with rechargeable battery packs that mean you can’t press the resync button, and stash it inside a massive guitar. Some add-ons are more useful than others, but surely none has ever been as pointlessly great as this one - the Wii light sword. Pack it with batteries, clip the remote in and watch in astonishment as 22 LEDs glow blue with the power of the Force (a.k.a. electricity). If you buy one now, you can spend the next couple of months having it remind you that there’s still no Star Wars lightsaber combat game on Wii until Force Unleashed.


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