World in Conflict - new trailer

Despite the collapse of the Soviet Union and China's transition to a free market economy, the premise of fighting for freedom against the threat of hostile communist invasions continues to remain popular and is carried out to the extreme in Sierra’s latest real-time strategy World in Conflict.

Set in the late '80s, World in Conflict presents the following "what if" scenario: the Russians have launched an all-out invasion on our nation and it's up to you to lead U.S. forces in battle against them.

Graphically, the game looks gorgeous, and you can check out our early impressions by clicking here. You can also click on the Movies tab above to check out the new trailer and witness the battle for Seattle as the Russians violate our homeland security.

Featuring fully destructible environments, various multiplayer modes and an arsenal of high-power weaponry - including tactical napalm and nuclear strikes - World in Conflict is scheduled to release early next year and we'll be keeping an eye on this gorgeously gruesome up-and-coming real-time strategy.

November 10, 2006


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