Nov 19, 2007

Nintendo announced its game-creation service back in June; a service which will provide downloadable games through the Wii Shop Channel. Now title announcements are trickling in, and we’ve got the scoop on the initial list.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Little King and the Promised Country
The WiiWare daddy, both in terms of excitement levels and name length, Square Enix’s FF CC: TLKatPC is not a replacement for the full Crystal Bearers game - that’s still heading Wii-wards - but an all new ‘country-building RPG’. Set after the original GC Crystal Chronicles, the game casts you as a king who lost his kingdom in the power crystal shenanigans of that earlier title. Rebuilding is a matter of harvesting crystal power and channeling it into magical construction - the little king sees parks, shops and castles miraculously sprout in front of his very eyes. While power is collected in quests, you aren’t actually going out on these adventures yourself. Rather you tax your people and use the funds to hire heroes to do it for you. It’s all sounding a bit ActRaiser, minus the action and plus a hefty dose of tax-based peasant oppression. As long as Nintendo can find a way of storing long-serving Crystal Chronicles art supervisor Toshiyuki Itahana’s beautifully detailed designs in the limited Wii memory, this’ll at least be the nicest looking bit of oppression ever to grace a console. And all for a mere 1,500 Wii points.

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