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Sept 27, 2007

To be honest, we couldn’t care less about Hellgate: London’s post-apocalyptic tale of demons terrorizing London, or your epic task of saving mankind from extinction. It’s Diablo with guns for Christ’s sake and that’s more than enough for us. During our brief time in the beta, we’ve been having a blast blowing demons to bits in this FPS/RPG hybrid. Who knew that hell on earth could be so much fun?

We decided to share the pleasure of pain in Hellgate: London by giving you the lowdown on each of the game’s classes and early quests so you can hit the ground running when the game releases on October 30. Just take note that skill names and effects may be tweaked before the full game releases as this is not the final version.

The Guardian Templar
Some call them tanks. Some call them meat shields. We call them the bad ass that holds waves of demons at bay while our less heavily armored comrades pick off hell’s spawn from a distance. If you’re the type of player who hates not being able to wear the strongest armor in the game, the Guardian should be your first choice.

Quick Tips:
If you find yourself outnumbered, use Challenge to draw aggro, attracting the attention of nearby beasties. Follow it up with Aura of Defense - which boosts your armor rating based on how many monsters are surrounding you. Although the Guardian can’t kill as fast as some of the other classes, they don’t need to feel rushed as they can take a beating like nobody’s business.

The Blademaster Templar
If soaking up damage like a bloody sponge doesn’t interest you, then go with the Blademaster, whose strength lies in dealing damage quickly. While Blademaster’s aren’t as adept at surviving heavy hits as the Guardian, they’re the only class who can dual-wield swords, which look damn cool.

Quick Tips:
Use your Charge attack to slice your way through into the midst of a group of foes. Follow it up with Sword of Justice to slash to deal some damage to surrounding enemies from within. Before you get mauled to death, target an enemy in the background and use Charge attack again to escape death by demons.


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