Welcome to HELL

The Summoner Cabalist
Hellgate’s Summoner class has enough beasts, elementals, and demons up her sleeve to give WoW’s Warlock a bad case of mana envy. As a Summoner, you won’t be dealing much direct damage. But with so many minions under your control on screen you won’t have to. Kick back, relax, and let your pets do the dirty work for you.

Quick Tips:
Make sure to learn how to summon the Carnagor and teach him his taunt skill, which also boosts its health. With pumped up health points, your Carnagor will be your personal body guard, drawing the attention of nearby enemies away from you and soaking up damage while you kill off the demons from a safe distance. Wisdom is an important stat for Summoners because having a large pool of mana will eventually allow you to summon up to nine fire elementals at the same. With the Carnagor holding the attention of enemies and the elementals acting as your firing squad, it’s like having a personal army on your side.