Welcome to HELL

The Marksman Hunter
In the future, everyone will love guns because all the gun control advocates were devoured by demons. Enter the Marksman, the most gun crazy class of all. Sure, they’ve got machine pistols, rifles, rocket launchers, and all the sort of gear you’d expect them to have. But how about gas guns that burp noxious clouds of poison? Or explosive darts that lodge themselves in demons and explode?

Quick Tips:
Although the Marksman can tap into a huge cache of weapons, he’s no Rambo. You’ll have to be quick and sneaky at times to avoid getting run over by waves of demons. Get used to using Tactical Stance is important as it raises your critical hit chance allowing you to add tons of extra damage to each successful shot.

However, if you find yourself cornered, be ready to use Rapid Fire to increase your rate of fire and unload clips of demon-be-gone into the surrounding hostiles. Hit Cloak to disappear - Predator-style- and buy yourself more time to extract sweet revenge from a distance.

Remember to disassemble items you can’t equip so you can use the spare materials to upgrade your weapons, maximizing their damage.