Watch Uncharted in action

Fresh video shows entire Sony Gamer's Day demo

A playable demo of the upcoming jungle adventure Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was one of the centerpieces of Sony's press-only Gamer's Day in San Diego this week, so of course we were eager to give it a full hands-on preview. Today, however, Sony gifted us with a video that shows almost the entire demo being played from start to finish. Some of the less-interesting bits have been cut, but all you're really missing is footage of Drake kicking down rusted gates, jumping off ledges and staring at foliage. For the most part, it's all here - all the shooting, (nearly) all the leaping and every last explosion. If you've been itching to see for yourself what we've played of developer Naughty Dog's new project, just check out the video below:


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