Watch Genji running on a live PS3

Check out actual gameplay and the intro movie in our new videos

When Sony came by our offices with a real, live PS3 last week, they brought along a copy of Genji: Days of the Blade as well. Of course, we just had to get some footage of the samurai epic in action, which we now present to you, giant enemy crab and all.

Click the Movies tab above, and you'll get an eyeful of actual gameplay footage running on the PS3 hardware (including a generous look at the new character, Lady Shizuka), as well as the game's intro movie. Unfortunately, we took the video by pointing a camera at a high-definition TV - we weren't allowed to capture directly from the PS3 unit, you see - so bear in mind that the final product will look markedly better than these videos do. Still, they're pretty watchable, especially when a certain crustacean lumbers onto the scene to get its face smashed off.

October 11, 2006


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