Warners buys Midway Games

Film studio Warners has picked up the rights to Midway Games for $33 million after the company went into bankruptcy.

So what does this mean for the company? Well, Midway was the arcade game developer responsible for the likes of Pac Man, Ms Pac Man, and the legendary Space Invaders.

It also developed the likes of Mortal Kombat and Space Invaders.

Depending on what rights Warners actually now owns – and we’d assume it went for the lot, including the ability to turn the properties into films and not just use it to fuel their games department – this will almost certainly mean that we could see Midway-based movies.

So, that’s another take on Mortal Kombat (though after Street Fighter’s dismal showing, that might not be a certainty) and Space Invaders set to hit our screens?

Space Invaders could see the entire world destroyed - paging Roland Emmerich! (Shudder).

Spy Hunter might be tougher- Universal has been pushing that one through development purgatory for years now.

And what of Ms Pac Man? Surely no one would try to make a movie out of that? Right? Riiiight? Oh, hang on…

[Source: Variety ]

So, Space Invaders: The Movie. Who’d you cast?


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