Does greatness skip a generation? We'll find out when Warhawk hits the PS3 later this year

Sony is resurrecting a fondly remembered (if not exactly well-remembered) game from the early days of the PlayStation, and rumor has it that it'll show up as a PS3 launch title. Warhawk, developed by Twisted Metal creators Incognito, is an airborne shooter that has players flying a retro-futuristic hoverjet through detailed environments packed with moving objects. The original was amazing for its time, and the remake looks poised to repeat that success.

Judging from (what looked like) gameplay footage shown at the Tokyo Game Show, players will spend at least part of the game freely swooping through seaside structures and taking on dozens of other fighters at a time. You'll apparently be able to target multiple bogeys at once (a la Panzer Dragoon), and then blow them out of the sky with the devastating cluster missiles from the first game. Think Microsoft's Crimson Skies, but with more interesting weaponry and many, many more hostiles onscreen at once.


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