War Front strategy guide - German campaign

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German Mission 1: Turning Point

Primary Objectives

  • Send Hellmann To The German Base
  • Build A Tank Factory & Produce At Least 6 Tanks
  • Capture The Parliament And Wait For Hardt
  • Destroy The British Base

Secondary Objectives

  • Eliminate all British Resistance

Bonus Objectives

  • Destroy Trucks Escaping With Gold Stockpiles

Key Tactics and Battle Tips

  • Activate and use Roland’s Demolition Skill
  • Capture the Bank to gain resources and experience
  • Be prepared for the British counterattack from the west
  • Jetpack Infantry can guard exit routes
  • Destroy the Gold Convoy with Hellmann’s tank army

Map Legend

  1. Start point; activate Hellman’s Demolition skill and go to base
  2. Primary base; build Tank Factory, Barracks, and defenses
  3. Bank; assault with two-pronged armored attack and capture
  4. British resistance and later counterattack
  5. Parliament
  6. Possible residual British resistance
  7. British Barracks protected by Bunker
  8. Ambush point for Gold Convoy
  9. Last British Base

    J.    Place Jetpack Infantry here to stop possible British escape

As the action begins, immediately upgrade Hellmann’s firepower by activating his Demolition skill. Send Hellmann and his companions to the base — of course eliminating any British soldiers you see on the way—and begin the process of erecting a Tank Factory and Barracks. Make sure you upgrade the Barracks with the Capture Buildings skill: the Wehrmacht Infantry units you train will need it. You will have no shortage of Resources, so build Flame Bunkers around the perimeter of the base to protect in from probing attacks by Matildas in the west and Bazooka Troopers in the east.

When you’ve assembled a sizable tank force, split them into two columns and advance on the Bank to the west with the Wehrmacht Infantry following behind them. Have the columns drive on the north and south flanks of the Bank to squeeze a few British tanks in a vise grip of destruction, but expect strong resistance near the traffic circle. Once it’s been crushed, capture the Bank with your Infantry.

As this is going on, order the Jetpack Infantry to cross the Thames near the impassable bridges to the north and set up a blocking position on the road very near to the eastern edge of the map. Important: Do not engage the enemy outposts at this time! Attacking now will panic the British and they’ll begin to move out of town immediately — and though your jetpack Infantry are powerful, on their own they aren’t strong enough to stop the convoy and the outposts.

As the Jetpack Infantry get in position, have Hellmann lead his armored squad and ground soldiers across the bridge and up the road running north-south at the western edge of the map. You’ll immediately encounter British infantry, but they should pose little problem. Leave five or six Panthers at the spots where the English will later counterattack (see Map Legend) and continue northward until you run into a bunker protecting the outskirts of a British base. Destroy the bunker, but don’t tangle with the base at this time.

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