War Front strategy guide - German campaign

Conquer the world with our complete German mission walkthrough

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German Mission 1: Turning Point

Primary Objectives

  • Send Hellmann To The German Base
  • Build A Tank Factory %26amp; Produce At Least 6 Tanks
  • Capture The Parliament And Wait For Hardt
  • Destroy The British Base

Secondary Objectives

  • Eliminate all British Resistance

Bonus Objectives

  • Destroy Trucks Escaping With Gold Stockpiles

Key Tactics and Battle Tips

  • Activate and use Roland%26rsquo;s Demolition Skill
  • Capture the Bank to gain resources and experience
  • Be prepared for the British counterattack from the west
  • Jetpack Infantry can guard exit routes
  • Destroy the Gold Convoy with Hellmann%26rsquo;s tank army