Viking: Battle for Asgard - interview

Dec 26, 2007

Viking: Battle for Asgard is shaping up to be a kick-ass berzerker-rage bloodbath, as evidenced in our earlier previews. Now we got a chance to talk to developer Mark Suthers about his bearded baby.

Viking is big, really big. It’s enormous. What’s the influence?

Suthers: Our games, such as Total War, are cinematic in terms of the battles. We try to capture the feel of something like the Lord of the Rings movies, battles that send goosebumps down the spine. We want to put that feeling into a game, to represent the scale and music of a movie; in Viking we have 1,000 men charging across the battlefield, the music is pumping and the blood is spurting - we want to put that epic movie feel into a game.

Is Viking a true next-gen game?

Suthers: Next-gen consoles have played a big part in us wanting to take what we achieved with Spartan: Total Warrior and move it to the next level. We have created an open world built using the new technology to create a new world and new battles that couldn’t have been done on PS2. No one’s making games to the scale that we are doing with Viking. Everything in our world is interactive. We have AI working to ensure that no battle is ever the same.


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