Valve releases new PS3 Steam details

Today, publisher, developer, and digital download superpower Valve released new information about the upcoming integration of its digital delivery service, Steam, with the PlayStation 3. Well, most of it isn't really new - we already knew that the PS3 version of Portal 2 will include a free PC or Mac copy of the game, and that its Steam integration will enable cross-platform play and Steam Achievements, as well as give PS3 users access to cloud storage. Today's press release is more of a reminder, though it does include a few seemingly new details.

Among those new details is the reveal that the PS3's Steam overlay will allow users to access friend profiles, chat, and send invites to both Steam and PSN friends. Users must link their Steam and PSN accounts to use the features, and those without an existing Steam account will be able to create a new one with "the click of a button," according to Valve.

Regarding Steam Cloud support, which stores saved games independently of the console running the game, it should be noted that PS3 and PC/Mac saves will not be compatible.

The company also revealed how owners of Portal 2 on PS3 will be able to redeem their free PC or Mac copies of the game. It's no surprise - a code which can be redeemed through Steam will be provided in the box. The code cannot be gifted to a friend, however, as it must be used with the Steam account linked to your PSN account.

More information about the upcoming PS3/Steam integration is now available on the official Steam support site.

Apr 13, 2011

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