Unreal Tournament 3 cross-platform play undecided

We got all excited this morning when we fired up our browser to see reports that the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament III will be cross-compatible with the PC version. Then our dreams were crushed.

It would have been the perfect start to the day, considering Epic's Mark Rein previously confirmed that the PS3 game would be mouse and keyboard compatible.

Unfortunately Rein himself has come out to foil the false reports, clarifying that cross-platform play is not at all as certain as some are reporting.

"Cross-platform play isn't decided yet," he said on the official forums in a thread that started off about the mouse and keyboard compatibility. "Please keep this thread about keyboard and mouse for PS3," he ordered.

Now that mouse and keyboard support is confirmed, allowing PC and PS3 users to face off can only be a good thing, that is if the PS3 version is optimized to run well enough.

For now, check out our latest preview of the PC version.

August 8, 2007


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