Under the Radar - Day One

Two Worlds

From: Reality Pump
Who did: Earth 2160 (PC)
And live in: Krakow, Poland

On paper, Two Worlds is an Oblivion beater. Delicious screenshots of a vast environment, non-linear gameplay with your decisions changing the outcome of events and the path of the story, simple yet multifaceted combat system and a musical score written by Harold "Beverley Hills Cop" Faltermeyer being just a few of the reasons we've got high hopes for this Tolkienesque RPG.

The story involves the usual fantasy nonsense (which we love!) of Orcish armies rising up and threatening the Dwarves, Elves and Men with extinction as they seek to harness the power of some dead God or other, but the twist here is that you don't have to side with the good guys. Unfortunately, we've yet to see the game in action, so whether or not the bold claims are anything more than PR hot air remains to be seen.


The next great fantasy RPG? Here's hoping, and it certainly looks to be heading in the right direction.

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