Under the Radar - Day One


From: Volatile
Who did: Reservoir Dogs
And live in: Leamington Spa, UK

With Dead Rising bringing the office to a virtual standstill, our interest in this zombie-flavored horror game has been reignited. We've been assured that it's very much still on and it's only protracted negotiations with potential publishers that's holding up the unveiling process.

The twist here is that instead of battling zombie hordes, you actually control them... "you" being The Enslaver, a mutated humanoid type. With dreadlocks. The Enslaver can infect people, form a zombie army and then take them on a rampage, with the ultimate aim of defeating the shady corporation (yes, one of those again) who made the main character a mutant.

We're promised a blend of strategy and action. The online possibilities, with one-versus-many gameplay cited as one of the modes, also sound exciting.


The concept brims with potential. Check out our recent preview to see why this is one to watch for sure.