Under the Radar - Day One


From: Track 7 Games
Who did: It's the studio's debut
And live in: Athens, Greece

Labeled a "conspiracy fantasy adventure set in modern-day Athens," Theseis could well be the first true puzzle-based adventure on the 360 (we're not counting Tomb Raider, that was hardly a brain-teaser). Playing as either of two paranormal researchers, you're on the trail of an ancient artifact, Theseis, that could spell doom for mankind, or possibly salvation. Drenched in ancient Greek mythology, we're promised sojourns in Hades as well as pottering around the Parthenon, all from a third-person view.

We'll leave it to Track 7 to try and sell it to you: "Awe and dread, humor and split-second decisions, discovery and betrayal, the mythical and the mundane, are all intertwined in this fast-paced crossing to the other side, where your only hope is the discarded rumor of ancient folklore, dubious medieval books and above all, your wits!" Well, it sounds good.


A genuine puzzler is more than welcome on 360, and we look forward to this Da Vinci Code-like affair.