Under the Radar - Day One


From: Webzen
Who did: MU Online (PC MMORPG)
And live in: All over the Far East

Of all the games on show at this year's E3, none attracted quite so much attention as this online-focused shooter. Was it really that good? We didn't think so, but the hordes lining up to play didn't seem to care, perhaps thanks to the offer of inflatable Webzen bodyboards, Webzen necklaces (really), a horde of hotpant-clad beauties to dish out the goodies and a stage full of dancing girls to entertain them as they battled.

Only on PC at the show, the deathmatches seemed pretty ordinary, the environments pretty drab and the guns and vehicles none too spectacular either. Certainly no Halo 2, but there's no doubt plenty more to be sampled, including a sizeable offline single-player mode. Huxley will also feature cross platform online play (360 and PC).


Huxley screams "average at best" to us, perhaps because we didn't get a Webzen necklace at E3.