Under the Radar - Day One

Citizen Zero

From: Microforte
Who did: Fallout Tactics (PC)
And live in: Sydney, Australia

This Antipodean studio has been around for two decades but Citizen Zero is its first game in a while as the company has been focusing on development toolsets for multiplayer online games. Little wonder, then, that its 360 debut is predominantly a Live experience, a sci-fi shooter with RPG elements and a heavy focus on clan building.

Details are scarce but we do know that the action takes place on the world of Tyhpron, a penal colony set up by - you guessed it - some kind of mega corporation. You play as a prisoner who has broken the shackles of his "behavioral inhibiter chip" and is free to explore the world, advance his character in numerous different directions, join a faction and, of course, frag the shit out of everyone.


Like many of the games in this list, Citizen Zero sounds decent on paper...