Uncharted 3 gets Killzone DLC for multiplayer

First Flashback Map Pack teased with new screens

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The three new items, all available now, are included under the membership costs of the Uncharted 3 Fortune Hunter's Club, but are available to non-members for $1.49. Fortune Hunters and regular schmoes alike can also look forward to the game's forthcoming Flashback Map Pack #1 – which, as both the name and these first glimpses indicate, ought to offer a fresh look at some familiar locales.

The Flashback Map Pack's not been dated yet, but Sony's promised more info on this first Uncharted 3 expansion soon. Probably you'll know when to expect the DLC right around the time your social group's lowest common denominator has worked out that Killzone hasn't gone third-person and old-timey...

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