Ultimate Mario Party 8 guide

So you've read our review, and you've decided to wade in a little deeper. Good! Welcome to our massive Mario Party Guide. In this handy feature, you'll learn everything worth knowing about partying down, Italian style.

While most of the kerfuffle on this page is available in the manual, it would hardly be the ultimate Mario Party 8 guide if we didn’t give you a glimpse the cast and their enhancing chewables. And who knows? You may still learn a thing or two. But we wouldn’t blame you for skipping on over to the Nitty-McGritty that is our comprehensive guide to all of MP8's minigames.  


Here's the cast, made up of a slew of familiar faces you no doubt recognize:
Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess, Toad, Toadette, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, Birdo, Boo, Dry Bones

All but two characters will be available at the start. Want 'em? Here's how:
Unlock Blooper
-Complete Star Arena Battle on Normal Difficulty
Unlock Hammer Bros.
-Complete Star Arena Battle a second time with Blooper on Normal difficulty


As dirty as it sounds, you can pick up candy scattered along the boards and toss into your mustachioed maw at any time with nary a thought toward health or hygiene. There are also plenty of places to purchase candy, so be sure you're no slouch at those wallet expanding mingames.

Red Candy will affect the dice blocks
Twice Candy - let’s you roll twice
Thrice Candy - let’s you roll three times, or thrice
Slowgo Candy - Slows the dice from one to five for a more accurate roll. Good for hitting Donkey Kong spaces and Lucky squares

Green Candy gives you an advantage before you move
Springo Candy - Let’s you move to another character's space. Great for stealing stars.
Cashzap Candy - A lightning bolt that zaps opponents' bankroll to half
Vampire Candy - Spin the wheel and siphon that amount of coins from an opponent.

Yellow Candy is candy on the go. Its actions are carried out as you move.
Bitsize Candy - The coolest candy in the game: Get pixilated and smack a 3 coin brick-block with every space you advance
Bloway Candy - Blow any person in your way back to the starting point
Bowlo Candy - Roll over opponents and steal from 10 to 20 of their coins, depending on the game mode
Weeglee Candy - Let’s get small and steal candy from every player in your path

Blue Candy is aggressive and drastically impacts any player in your way
Thwomp Candy - Turns you into giant stone head that  pummels opponents and reduces their coins to half. (Although you won’t get to keep them)
Duelo Candy - Flame on! Roll twice, but you’ll stop as soon as you encounter someone and battle them for their coins.
Bowser Candy - Available only on Bowser’s board. Don a Bowser suit and roll twice, taking two stars from anybody unfortunate enough to be in your way.
Bullet Candy - Available only on Bowser’s board. Roll three times taking one star from every person in your way.

Bonus Stars level the playing field a little, and in general, usually rewards good players who keep getting jilted out of Stars.

Minigame Star: awarded to the player who gets the most coins in the minigames
-This Star is not given to the players who has the most coins, but who has won the most. So you can still stay in the game if your friends are ganging up on your wallet.

Green Star: awarded for the player who hits the most green question mark spaces
-This is the game's way of apologizing for all the nasty things it does to you through no fault of your own

Red Star:
awarded to the player who lands on the most Red squares
-If the board has continuously bled you dry three coins at a time, this is how it apologizes

Candy Star:
awarded to player who eats the most candy
-This is an easy Star to ensure you get. Simply stuff your face like a fat kid on Halloween

Running Star: awarded to the player who travels the most on a single board
-If you've eaten enough Twice and Thrice candy, this Star shold be a shoe-in for you

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