UbiWorkshop's secret project is Assassin's Creed Ascendance

Teaser trailer of mystery tie-in isn't a game, but still kicks ass

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Today is funny. We went to our local doughnut shop and said to our main doughnut guy, %26ldquo;You know what, the world could use more hype for Assassin%26rsquo;s Creed: Brotherhood. It%26rsquo;s only coming out in a week, don%26rsquo;t %26lsquo;cha know.%26rdquo; That%26rsquo;s when doughnut guy clued us in to this fine looking teaser trailer for Assassin%26rsquo;s Creed: Ascendance. And yes, it%26rsquo;s the best doughnut shop on Earth.

Birthed from the capable hands at UbiWorks %26ndash; Ubisoft Montreal%26rsquo;s offshoot group responsible for comics, short films, and art tie-ins %26ndash; Ascension was previously known as %26ldquo;Secret Project #3%26rdquo; until earlier today when the above teaser was unleashed on to the internet. What it is seems to still be something of a mystery, thoughUbiWork%26rsquo;s websitestates thatit's%26ldquo;obviously not a game!%26rdquo; Obviously.

So until we hear more,all we can do isspeculate. Animated film? Television series? Motion comic? Ok, it's probably a short web series, but who knows - start talking, folks.

And is that Altair that we%26rsquo;re seeing? The mind boggles.

Nov 10, 2010

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