Two new TV spots for Django Unchained: watch now

A pair of new TV spots have been released for Django Unchained , boasting a few new snippets of footage for you to feast your eyes upon.

While broadly covering most of the same ground we’ve already seen in the full-length trailers, there are a few new bits and pieces to savour, including the kidnap of Django’s wife and a conversation between Calvin Candie and the two bounty hunters.

In some cases, it’s more an issue of context, with Dr. Schultz’s “Who knows what’s going to happen?” line following on from Candie’s query as to why the slaves don’t just rise up and fight back.

Take a look below…

To be honest, we’re glad we’re not being swamped with a surfeit of new material. We’ve seen more than enough to get a real flavour of how the film will play, and it’s nice that QT is holding some surprises back for the main event.

The first cut of Django Unchained is said to be over three hours long , although QT is apparently is working hard to cut that down.

Django Unchained opens in the US on 26 December 2012, with a UK release following on 18 January 2013.


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