Halo 3 Limited Edition scratching discs?

A word of warning before you run out to the shops on Wednesday to pick up your Limited Edition copy of Halo 3; according to several punters in the US, the LE tin packaging is scratching discs something rotten. "A friend just opened 3 copies of Halo 3 Limited Edition and with all three copies both disc were loose inside of the package and scratched to death," says one angry NeoGAF poster.

The problem is blamed on the plastic and foam nub in the LE tin designed to hold the discs - at least it's designed to hold the discs in but apparently they pop off with ease. A number of gamerswho managed to get their copies early are reporting that the discs have shipped detached and scratched beyond repair inside the Limited Edition tin.

Above: Not pictured: Our crushed hopes and shattered souls

Tin enthusiasts will already be well familiar finding their games scratched to buggery; a similar problem was reported with the Prey Collectors Edition tin last year. All we can recommend is that you check your game DVDs before leaving the shop; we'll certainly be taking ours back if there's any damage.

We've left a message with Microsoft's PR squad - who surely have nothing better to do than answer our queries - and will hopefully have the official line on the issue shortly.

Oh, and you can read our reviewhere (opens in new tab).