Halo 3 causes Xbox Live problems

Sept 28, 2007

Microsoft has told Next Generation that the sheer amount of gamers attempting to play Halo 3 via Xbox Live resulted in some "minor issues" with the online service. The launch of the title, combined with problems playing it online, also led to vastly increased traffic on Xbox.com which suffered operational hitches too.

Microsoft labeled Halo 3's launch day as the "most active Xbox Live gaming day in history" after more than a million people had been logged playing Halo 3 online. That may be the case, but there were many others who weren't able to get in on the action.

Gamers began voicing their dissatisfaction shortly after the game had been released. A multitude of problems were reported, not least on the official Xbox forums, including screens freezing, the inability to access Xbox Live and a mysterious game update that led to an error message.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed, rather vaguely, that there had been some issues, all of which have now been resolved.

Above: If these problemskept up, we'd be after the head of Master Chief too

"Xbox Live and Xbox.com experienced minor issues yesterday as a result of increased activity due to the launch of Halo 3. The issues were quickly resolved and both Xbox Live and Xbox.com are now working fine."

Bungie-developed shooter Halo 3 officially launched Tuesday, September 25, and raked in a record-breaking $170 million in first day sales.

Source:Next Generation (opens in new tab)