Twelve sequels we actually want

Game needing a sequel: Blast Corps

Original game format: N64

Why it needs a sequel: Blast Corps was a charming little game which wanted nothing more out of life than to provide us with the delight of smashing the living hell out of everything in sight. Truly, a worthy vocation, and one which it carried out with a great deal of pride. Of course, there was a token plot regarding the need to destroy several cities in order toclear the way for an oncoming nuclear missile or something, but we all knew that was just an excuse to be destroying things, so destroy things we did. A lot.

It’s about time we had another good smashy game. Deep gameplay and multi-layered plots are all well and good, but there’s nothing more therapeutic in gaming than the rapid conversion of a large building into a much smaller pile of dust and rocks. Crackdown switched us back onto gleeful sandbox destruction last year, so let’s now take that cue and scale things right up. We’ve missed stomping on skyscrapers as a massive robot, and we’d like to do it again with current gen physics.

What we want from a sequel: Don’t complicate things, just let us destroy. The original Blast Corps concept was sound, so all we really want is to be able to do it all again with modern tech fuelling the festival of mayhem. Give us more detailed carnage, more hardware to play with, complex Havok-powered physics models for every building in the city, and the option of running around on foot with explosives and rocket launchers to really get into the thick of the action. Frankly, such a game would make the inner 8-year old in each of us nerdgasm to death.