Trials Evolution achievement guide

The Editor’s Apprentice


Created a track of your own that has at least three path points, then test drive it.

Fire up the track editor, press A to place a starting point, use Y to set up at least three path points, then press A again to place an end point. Press start, test track, and ride past the finish line for an easy achievement.

The Professional


Successfully complete the single player career.

This achievement unlocks once you’ve obtained 135 medals.

The Squirrels Have Eyes...


Find every squirrel location hidden away in the secret corners of the world.

We have a separate guide for this achievement which can be found HERE.

Unyielding II


Finish ‘Rock Steady’ without faulting or changing your rider’s posture.

Besides telling you to watch the replay video and mimic it exactly (listen and look at the throttle control), we can’t offer much more advice on this one. Just know that in a pinch, holding brake in mid-air will lean your bike slightly forward. Also, although we did it continuously in the video, you can stop after this first big jump and back up to prepare for the second. Finally, anytime you’re going from a standstill to full throttle up a slope, make sure to start with light throttle and ease into full to avoid wheelies. Oh, and use the Scorpion. Good luck!